About 'The Scribe'


Mission statement

The scribe is to be a platform for veterans developing their ability to explore and enjoy the written word. whatever it’s form, to express their innermost thoughts and imaginations, to give enjoyment, camaraderie, comfort and support to themselves and others.


To engage one hundred veterans in creative writing. Encouraging writing as a free thinking and therefore therapeutic activity, or as a vessel for ideas and imagination. Including novels, short stories, non-fiction, and poetry.

Work to be developed through conferences and critique groups to a publishing standard, leading to a competition to produce an anthology of poetry and prose -- in the footsteps of the writers of the world wars.

This would be a unique piece of work with the proceeds to the RBL and to fund a writing seminar/conference.


Noting that there are a large number of veterans who find release through the creative arts, such as writing, yet there is currently little support in this area. Creative writing is a vessel for expressing deep-seated troubles and needs rather than substance abuse. Can be used to alleviate anger, anxiety and be a funnel for experience.

Taking the project over 2 years, we intend to promote this at The RBL Pop Ins, Combat Stress, H4H, Veteran Outreach Service, the Legion Magazine, and other outlets for veterans including the internet



Advertising the scribe at venues and through media, including radio veteran’s magazines, breakfast clubs, pop-ins and creating an initial group, which can be trained to a standard where they can run their own genre-related groups. Within these groups veterans will support and advise each other, with all groups under the umbrella of a senior coordinator, who oversees the quality of the works and ensures the smooth running of The Scribe.

Initial stages

At the present time, the Scribe has been running for several months and has 10 members who are enjoying writing for the group.  Their ages range from middle 20’s to 80’s, and are currently engaged in writing in 5 different genres.  These are exciting times for the group, as due to promotion through the RBL, Combat Stress and H4H, it is gaining momentum and needs to be on a firmer footing.