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'Agata's Story', by Henry Anderson

Henry Anderson’s ‘Agata’s Story’, the second novel in the ‘Cape Misfortune’ series, was published by Solstice on 15th January 2021. This is the spellbinding tale of a celebrated law enforcement officer in the wild coastline town of Cape Misfortune. Aptly named, so it seems, for Sergeant Agata Dollar is experiencing bizarre paranormal events!

Author Bio: Henry Anderson is a former news reporter who has written for national UK newspapers. He

spent time as a "jackaroo" (trainee farmer) working on farms in Australia before working in publishing and journalism. He likes things that include art, coffee, reading, painting, landscapes, folklore, and cinema.

Naturally I have to ask you some questions about your writing, Henry. Firstly, what led you into

journalism and what areas were you involved in?

I did some work experience in features but got drawn to news because I found the process of putting a news story together rewarding. I enjoyed getting to the truth of a story, particularly interviewing the people involved. When you drill down into a story everything is quite human. Someone said that journalists write the first draft of history and it was interesting to experience that close up. How did you find the transition from journalist to an author?

I think reporting gave me the self-confidence to attempt writing. Which is hard whatever discipline you are in. As you would know from writing features you have to be a bit more self-disciplined if there is no deadline! Your key character is a police officer, have you had any experience in these fields or was it filled inn through research? It was through research. I grew up in an army family, so I suppose writing about people in uniform doesn’t seem totally foreign to me. I’ve always thought there is a kind of idealism in people who serve, which makes them interesting. I like the take on your story, mainly about a policewoman and the apocalypse. What gave you

the idea for this, and can you see it going further than a trilogy? This is definitely a tale that is growing in the telling. At first, I was intrigued by the idea of a lone deputy investigating missing people in the middle of nowhere. Then I added the idea that the missing weren't actually missing, because they knew where they were. The Cape Misfortune locals were always superstitious, at some point I thought "what if it isn't superstition?" It kept getting bigger. For the third book I would like a final showdown. What writing routine do you have?

I try to write every day, usually for a couple of hours, usually with a cup of coffee. Before COVID I used to write in coffee shops. My local coffee shop sells my books! I try to balance research and writing time, otherwise I just end up reading. It's my favourite part of the day.

How do you get feedback on your work?

I have writing friends who I can discuss things with. My extended family are usually pretty honest. I read reviews. I'm of the opinion you should listen to criticism no matter how awful it is!

Favourite author, and why?

I really like authors who write narratives that take you out of yourself. I've just re-read Jules Verne's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" and his ability to ground his fantasy in a believable world, to bring the reader with him on the strange journey, is impressive.


“Welcome to beautiful Cape Misfortune. Come for the rugged coastline and unspoiled beaches.

Stay for the quaint customs and friendly welcome.” Just don’t ask about the coming apocalypse!

Sergeant Agata Dollar should have a great future – newly promoted, recently married, just moved into her first apartment, and recent winner of the ‘Venice County Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award.’

But this is Cape Misfortune. Mysteries are piling up, and her dead sister, Cassandra, is trying to warn her about the end of the world.

In the exciting standalone second book in the “Cape Misfortune” trilogy, Agata Dollar’s actions will decide the fate not just our world, but countless others.


No-one listens to me anymore. Listening is a sacred art.

You should lean in, open your mind, and be prepared to change.

My name is Al. I was a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force, and I believe there are infinite worlds.

Sometimes I lie on my back and stare into the vault of heaven. The sky ripples like water. The patterns have meaning, if you can decipher them. When the sky talks like I’m glad I did not die, years ago, in a fireball above the Iraqi desert.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

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