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Being A Member of the Scribe: by Annette Sindall

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

Being a member of the Scribe, isn’t about being the best writer or taking your writing any

further than people in the group, it’s about going at your own pace and experimenting with your thoughts to compose and link to whatever you want via prose.

I have got far enough that I no longer worry what people think, to where getting the words

down is my only aim. I have only had one poem published and that was many years ago in a newspaper, I can still remember how amazing it was to see my creation out there for all to read. I read two more poems at an Open Mike night recently and these went down very well, in fact I was asked for copies of one of them, which was very flattering! I do feel that it’s a brave person who puts their words on paper. It’s almost like opening your brain so people can see f the contents! Now I’m getting ready to take the next step, and that’s why Mark is so valuable as he’s taken that exact step many times before!

I have a busy life, with writing being my way of relaxing and ‘tuning out’ the rest of the world for a while. It’s a good tool to have and simple to have paper and pen handy for jotting thoughts wherever you are. Mark and I spent a long time forming the Scribe into a supportive group, so that people could have an outlet for their work, and to be able to flourish if they want to.

There aren’t any fixed rules apart that we ask members to contribute each month or comment on each other’s work. If you are not happy with this, then please speak to us to discuss. It’s not easy to critique or be on the receiving end. I critiqued Mark’s last book and feel I got quite ‘carried away’ with meddling in his prose!

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