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Finding the 'Balance', with poet Gary Evans

The Scribe is here to support all kinds of writing, in both veterans and serving personnel. This

month we're delighted to host a poem by Gary Evans, ex-British Army. This is Gary's first publication, and he has so many other poems to offer.


Balance is what you need whether young or old, big or small

Balance is what you need to throw yourself over the Tranasium,

or a scaffold over Oxford Street

If you don’t have balance you’re dead meat

Balance whether your balance is on a beam in the gym,

or a beam 150 feet over oxford Street

If you fall off you hurt your pride. or scatter yourself far and wide

Balance is what you need on a bike, or going over a mountain ridge when on a hike, it’s all the same

Balance is what you need in all areas of life

Seeing a balance with family and friends, getting the balance with work and home,

Getting the balance is really everything

But getting the balance when you have a head injury and PTSD

so how would you do, getting the balance right

I sometimes wish I could take my head off and say, ‘Here, have a try,

walk my path and find balance’

I think most would rather die than try

I have to find the balance with a smashed mind, but they never broke my heart

So, find the balance

As an ex-soldier, who served in the para's, Gary unfortunately suffered a head injury that completely changed his life. That injury, combined with PTSD, meant that he's had to withdraw from the hubble-and-bubble of society and focus on the thing he loves doing most, carpentry, leather and metal work. Like many veterans in such a situation, Gary lives and works alone. In his spare time he likes to write poetry and it's hoped we can feature more of his work in coming blogs.

If you're interested in learning more about Gary's incredible work, or would like him to work on a project for especially for you, he can be contacted via his email: ge6228@gmail.com.

Editor's Note: We'd like to thank Elisabeth Horan, for so kindly giving her time and sharing her knowledge of the field of poetry.

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