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In a Nutshell

I’m proud to be a UK Veteran, who served for twenty-odd years in the Royal Navy. Although I started writing back in the 80’s it’s only in recent years that I’ve focused on full-length works of fiction. I now have several novels published and have also worked for my publisher, and others, as an editor.

It was during a discussion with Annette Sindall of The Royal British Legion, herself a writer, that we came to realise that there’s little support for veterans interested in creative writing and so we decided to do something about it.

After much debate we set up The Scribe, which is free to members and ex-members of HM Armed Forces, their dependents, and associated charities. We know that there are many veterans who are now alone; people who’d love to write their memoirs, a long anticipated novel or short story. The aim of The Scribe is to resolve that.

We provide an email-based writing group, where each member submits a section of their work for critique by their peers. In return we ask that they critique others submissions. It’s all about veterans helping veterans, and writers helping writers.

Deeply respected in veteran circles, Annette has a wealth of experience in veteran matters. Writing is something that she has been interested in for many years, and so The Scribe is an ideal focus for her tremendous driving force. I myself started by writing short stories and features for martial arts magazines. In recent years I became unwell and found that my writing was a great path a wellness. We have experience in critiquing, editing, the many areas and

pitfalls of professional publishing versus self-publishing, and social media – amongst others. We can even help you with setting up your website.

This blog is intended for any subject regarding writing, and as a facility for our members to showcase their work. Advertising your book on our landing page, for example, is completely free. You don’t even have to be a member to do this, just fulfil our criteria. However, depending on submissions, priority will always be given to our members as a direct means of support.

We're actively looking for blogs, so If you'd like to write for this page please do contact us first with an outline of content. This can be anything from your journey into writing, what you write, current and past projects, markets - anything that our members and others might enjoy reading about.

If you’d like to join The Scribe please contact us via our contacts page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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