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Overcoming Obstacles, with Author Anne Joyce Rasico

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

Anne Joyce Rasico is a writer of science fiction, fantasy and horror, who’s novel ‘Arid’ was published by Solstice Publishing in October this year. Writers have all kinds of processes; some plan it all out minutely in advance while others write on the fly. As an up and coming writer, we decided to drop Anne a line and ask about her method, and why she writes what she does.

I develop as I go. Usually I will write an outline, but this changes about 15 times. I don’t plan out my chapter content, and when I write an outline I just kind of think of the big picture and how I want the story to play out on a larger scale. I find this works better for me because I come up with more exciting ideas and hooks

What about the genres you work in, and why?

I’ve only ever written science-fiction, although I’m open to experimenting with other. I think I could write about any genre except romance. I’m not a sappy person by any means.

Ever written for a trend -, such as zombies, vampires/werewolves, or treasure?

No, I’ve never gotten on board with the trends but I’m sure the struggle is real for authors doing that. Two things I would definitely never write about are vampires and zombies. I just think it’s way too overdone.

Tell us about your biggest hurdle as a writer, and how you overcame it.

Plotting and choreographing fight scenes with multiple characters. It’s like I’m a puppeteer, balancing a ton of puppets on a string. Each movement you make affects all of them. My efforts to overcome this have included attending writing workshops on this very subject. I also like to jog. If I experience writers block at all, I go to the gym. Working out helps get my creative juices flowing.

Do you research your scenes, by Google Earth or visiting in person?

Absolutely. I think it’s vital to see the situations you place your characters in from their perspective. It’s how you relate to them. I suffer from severe motion sickness, so I don’t travel much but I definitely do a lot of Internet research when my story takes place in a setting that I’m not familiar with.

Favorite authors you’d love to meet, and obstacles that face/d even them.

Fav’ authors are: Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Janet McNulty, J.K. Rowling. I know Ray Bradbury’s deceased but maybe I’ll get to meet him in the afterlife someday.

I think promotion in general is a tremendous hurdle for every indie author. It’s difficult to get people to buy your book when you’re not well known. Even JK Rowling released a children’s book several years ago under a pen name and only sold 200 copies or so, but when she added her name to it the book sold out.

This goes to show that there’s a lot of power in your reputation, and if you haven’t established one yet it’s a challenge. I think a good way to help overcome this is to take advantage of your Amazon Kindle free days because when you give your book away for a short period of time, you definitely get sales. Instagram and Facebook ads can be very useful as well.


(1981-) Anne Rasico (AKA Anne Joyce) was born in a small town in Indiana you’ve probably never heard of. She composed short stories and comic books as a child to amuse her family and began writing poetry at the age of thirteen. In 1998 she received an Honorable Mention for Literary Excellence for her poem "She Didn't Come Home." She attended business school and made the Dean’s List for three consecutive years, putting her love for writing on the back burner. It wasn’t until her mid-twenties that a political post on social networking rekindled her literary flame that has since become a bonfire In 2013 her novella “When the Chips Are Down” was named a Finalist in the MARSocial Author of the Year Contest. When she is not writing, thinking about writing, or going insane from writing she enjoys camping, fishing, swimming, and otherwise spending time with loved ones. She is mother to three extremely spoiled cats. Crazy cat lady? Probably

Arid Blurb

It’s the distant future and the country is overtaken by wealthy moguls who dominate the water supply and sell it back to the public at ridiculous prices. After a drastic crime increase “indigents” who can’t afford water are stripped of their belongings and forced out of town by an army of brutes called Purifiers.

Life becomes harsh and ominous for the bright, ambitious Joshua Wyman and his group until they begin to occasionally receive food and other basic amenities from the Brutes. When a blatant abuse of Purifier power during a routine visit leaves them reeling Joshua and his friends reach their breaking point.

They devise a plan to steal the Purifiers’ vehicle during their next visit and find a place where water is affordable. Their journey across the uncharted wastelands filled with murderers and thieves proves to be far more than this civilized, benevolent crew bargained for. Growing tensions within the nearby towns may cause the two worlds to collide, creating an epic storm.

Arid Excerpt

He couldn’t even remember then man’s name, but Joshua was saddened by his passing.

Edgar’s death just made him angry. He thought of all the wealthy moguls living like kings, eating steak and caviar while Edgar was literally dying for a glass of water. Judging by his expression Julio seemed just as angry. Everyone else looked depressed.

“Are we going to bury him?” Skylar wanted to know.

“The ground is too dry. It hasn’t rained for months,” Julio said.

“He should have a proper burial. He doesn’t deserve to be eaten by buzzards,” Skylar said.

“We’ll bury him. It might be a shallow grave, but it’s better than nothing,” Blane replied.

Blane worshipped Skylar and no one could blame him. She hadn’t bathed in weeks like everyone else, but it took little away from her beauty. At first glance she looked like a mirage with her striking blue eyes and long blond hair. Joshua wondered for the hundredth time how she ended up in the wastelands. She could’ve been a fashion model or an actress. He could only guess that she was there because of Blane and had chosen love over everything. She never complained about their situation nor did she seem to have any regrets.


“Shit, the ground is harder than bricks!” Julio grunted. He and Blane stabbed at the earth with their shovels. Joshua and Xiomara carried Edgar’s body outside wrapped in a bedsheet.

“This is as deep as we’re going to be able to dig.” Blane wiped the sweat from his brow.

“That’s more than good enough, baby,” Skylar said.

“Does anybody have any last words?” Julio asked when Josh and Xiomara lowered Edgar into the hole.

“Let’s say our final goodbyes inside. It’s freezing out here,” Maria said. “You’re just cold because you’re not working up a sweat like Blane and me,” Julio replied.

“No, she’s right. It’s a lot colder than it’s been in weeks.” Joshua stared at the sky. Several birds flew in the direction of the rising sun.

“I haven’t seen birds in so long…other than crows and buzzards. Those birds didn’t look like either,” Xiomara gasped.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Joshua glanced at Julio.

“I’m with you, bro. Someone else can cover the grave.” Julio threw down his shovel.

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