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‘The Void Wraith Saga’ by Chris Fox, Reviewed by Mark Iles

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Like many writers, I struggle to keep up with my reading list – and all writers should read,

right? Having previously bought both hard and electronic versions of Stephen King’s ‘On Writing, a memoir of the craft’, in which he mentions that he keeps atop his list by listening to audio books, I decided to follow suit. Hand on my heart, I dislike listening to the radio found audible a brilliant substitute, particularly when doing housework or working in the garden.

I recently saw ‘The Complete Void Wraith Saga’ by Chris Fox on offer on audible, and immediately bought it for the princely sum of one credit. That’s an incredible deal considering the many hours of listening that you get. Audible, incidentally, is £7.99 for one credit per month, but you can buy three extra credits for £16.

There are six books in the series and in it humanity has far flung colonies and a united military (yay!). The series started with Commander Nolan aboard the UFC Johnston, a ship commanded by the wily Captain Dryker, of the 14th Fleet. Nolan has been kicked out of his former post with Fleet Intelligence, for ‘dating’ the admiral’s daughter, and soon finds himself in command on the bridge during a skirmish with the dreaded Tigris. Mankind has been in an on-off war with the cat-like aliens and it looks like things are heading that way yet again.

As the war kicks off both races discover that agents of the ancient void wraith have

undermined and infiltrated their respective governments’ and military command structures, and it’s not long before Mankind and the Tigris join forces with a third alien race, the Primo, to become a formidable fighting alliance. There are no spoilers here but, wow, what a ride!

Written by Chris Fox and read by Ryan Kennard Burke, The Void Wraith Saga is a splendid example of military science fiction. With action from start to finish listeners will find themselves unwilling to press pause.

Many veterans struggling with PTSD know that audible is a good tool to use while stuck in traffic. For the others who haven’t yet tried it, this App is something I recommend. With your first purchase free on audible, while not give this fabulous series a whirl? My only reservation is that book 6 is somewhat open-ended, leading me to believe that there could be more in this series to follow (not a bad thing by far). That said, this is a truly gripping listen, and I find no hesitation in recommending this series.

For those who prefer hard copy, the individual books are:

· Book 1: Destroyer

· Book 2: Void Wraith

· Book 3: Eradication

· Book 4: Behind the lines

· Book 5: Hold the Line

· Book 6: Press the Line

When you’ve listened, or read, your way through them why not give the author a review on Amazon? Meanwhile I, for one, eagerly look forward to the next opus from Chris Fox.

Buy Links:

Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Complete-Void-Wraith-Saga-Military-ebook/dp/B07R7JGPJ2/

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Author’s page: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Chris-Fox/e/B00OXCKD2G

Website: https://www.chrisfoxwrites.com/

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