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Veterans, When You Can't See The Wood For The trees

Updated: May 28, 2019

Annette Sindall and I started ‘The Scribe’ because we came to realise that there’s very

little support for veterans and serving members of HM Armed Forces, who are interested in Creative Writing. It’s surprising just how many consider this but are put off by not knowing quite where to start. This blog is intended to show just how we can support you.

We can also help those who don’t wish to become a member, by hosting your books on our site. All that happens here is we list your book on our site with an embedded buy link. Just by clicking on your cover the reader will be taken directly to Amazon, or where ever else it’s being hosted. We already have several writers who’ve taken us up on this offer, and remember that The Scribe does all this for free.

It saddens us to think of veterans, often with PTSD, who’d love the chance to write their memoires, or perhaps that story kicking around in their head. It opens us up to contacts we may not have been exposed to before, electronic friends who you can discuss your writing obstacles with, and so forth. When someone applies, we send them a quick form to fill in to qualify them and on completion they’re introduced to the group.

We ask members to submit a short section of their work, as and when they can. It might be only one paragraph or perhaps a whole chapter of a book, a poem, or short story. Each member then writes up a short critique of it, which is basically adding comments to the work on ways you think it might be improved, or areas that you particularly like. Feedback is sooo important to the writer and being a member of The Scribe is an excellent way to get it for nothing. All we ask is that you do the same to other submissions.

We can also host some of your writing on our blog, if you wish – and remember that all copyright remains with the author. On that subject, we can also show you how to tell if your work has been plagiarised, all in a few easy steps!

One of the areas we can help with is how to promote your book. There are companies out there that will charge you a fortune to promote your book, or even edit and publish it for you. But beware of the ‘authors needed’ adverts, they will often seriously dent your bank balance. Why spend even one penny of your hard-earned cash, when the scribe can help you achieve all of this completely free of charge?

If this interests you simply drop us a message via our contact page and we’ll be in touch. In the meantime, very best wishes from all here at The Scribe.

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